Your Speaking Voice

How you deliver your spoken content makes the difference between ho hum and WOW!

Wouldn't you rather be WOW?

The difference between ho hum and WOW is telling the story better. Regardless of the job you are doing, you are really telling stories. Wedding officiants tell the story of romance, love, and commitment. DJs tell the story of fun and excitement. Sales people tell the story of success and convenience. Attorneys tell the story of the case. Emcees tell the story of the occasion.

Telling the story rather than just saying something creates an experience and engages your listeners.

Humans have short attention spans and need you to keep them engaged. Our sound receptors get fatigued and stop relaying the message. To keep the receptors firing, you need to change the pitch and tone of your voice. You need to emphasize certain words over others. You need to have movement and direction. You need to manage the energy. And you need to do all this in a way that doesn't draw attention to itself or sound awkward.

That's where a good coach can help!

As a voice over artist and former radio host, I can show you how to prepare your text, interpret that text, and deliver it to your audience with the WOW they're hoping for. When you implement what you've learned, you trigger emotions in your audience and give them a one-of-a-kind experience that only YOU can give.

In addition, you'll receive coaching on your vocal technique to keep your voice fresh and reduce hoarseness.

The following are just a few things you will learn about technique:

  • How to reset your vocal folds in order to reduce stress and improve resonance.
  • How and where vowels are produced and why it matters.
  • How to be heard clearly, with or without a mic.
  • How to use vocal tract resonances to increase your volume without yelling.


"I liked how you helped me feel comfortable and not self conscious. You were thoughtful in your approach to coaching which made the experience very encouraging."

Paul E.


"Very knowledgeable and helpful."

Monte G.