Voice Over

You have the words, but you want them to sound good. From telephone greetings to training videos, audiobooks to commercials, the voice creates additional layers of style and meaning beyond the words. The right voice adds professionalism and clout.

My voice just might be what you're looking for, in English or Spanish. I have done telephone prompts for AT&T, voiced a training video for Barrick Gold, emceed at Kingsbury Hall, and hosted a radio show on KPCW Park City.

Please listen to some of the samples on this page. If you think my sound could work on your project, just send me an email, I would be happy to assist you.


"Have you ever been in a bank or store and saw someone who needed help understanding them in Spanish?

"Ever had someone stop you on the street to ask for directions - but you felt helpless to answer?"

"When I started this course I was afraid I couldn't learn Spanish. I am 68 years old, a retired postal worker and si puedo hacerlo, usted peude hacerlo - If I can do it, you can do it."

Roy Bowman
Park City, Utah